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I just wanted to say that what you do for you cats and how much work and dedication you put into loving and caring for them. I have bought my second cat from Karen and I couldn't of asked for a better companion for my Nala. Freddie is such a lovely and a happy little snow boy and it's thanks to Karen.

You can't get any finer bengal cats anywhere. Well done Karen.

Angeliki xxx

Purchased 2 beautiful Bengal kittens from Karen. They are both playful and the children love them. Their coats and markings are beautiful and, even as kittens, they are athletic and graceful. Each have very different personalities and are very inquisitive! Karen has done a wonderful job with these cats.

Highly recommended,

Craig L.

Thank you Karen for my beautiful little boy, Leo. He is such a loving, playful kitten. I couldn't be without him, we've bonded, now that's for life.

thanks again,

I have now bought two Bengal kittens from Karen/Bundara Bengals and I can without hesitation recommend them to anyone who is wanting a Bengal cat.

Both Cassius and Fuji-Chan have been a shining example of what a great pet can be. They have a great temperament (although very different from each other) and have had no issues fitting in to their respective families or meeting new people, winning the hearts of everyone who meets them. In addition both were received fully litter trained and have never made a mistake even with Fuji travelling all the way to London on the train!

Aside from the actual cats the advice and support from Karen has been second to none. She answered all my questions both before and after receipt of the kittens ensuring that I feel confident in my decision to purchase a Bengal and facilitating me to care for them properly.

If you want a Bengal get it from Bundara Bengals you will not regret it!

Kind regards,
Max Gilroy and Maria Hashimoto

We can't thank Karen enough for our gorgeous Bengal boy! He immediately settled in really well, he became part of our little family. Loki has grown into a smart, well, behaved boy and he is really disciplined. Halima adores Loki and Loki adores her, they play with each other and he comes and sits with her. It’s so lovely to see them getting along. At the beginning, I was scared that Loki and Halima won’t get along. But Loki is so friendly, everyone comments on how warm and affectionate he is.

Finally, Karen has helped me with so much. She has immense knowledge about cats, Karen is only ever a message or call away if we ever need anything.

We’ve now had two Bundara Bengal kittens from Karen, and they are incredible. Everything we hoped for - and more. Not only are they exquisitely marked, but they also have the sweetest natures, love being cuddled and are used to all the normal household noises (phones, washing machines, hoovers etc). Karen brings the kittens up with love and care, making them perfect pets. They are intelligent, resourceful and just amazing companions. Thank you so much, Karen, for all your skill, hard work and love. We are so lucky to have found you and the ‘babies’. Thank you for Bella and for baby Freya.

Revd Pauline Shelton, Staffordshire

We can't thank Bundara Bengals enough for our gorgeous Bengal boy! We picked George up in April 2021 and he immediately became part of our family. He was already well socialised and litter trained and was vaccinated, flea and worm treated.

The love and care Karen showers on all her cats and kittens is clear to see. She is a font of knowledge on all things "Bengal" and is only ever a message or call away if there is anything we aren't sure about. Which is invaluable for first time Bengal owners like us.

George has grown into a real character and keeps us entertained and on our toes, but that's part of why we love him so much! Everyone who meets him comments on how beautiful he is and it makes us feel so proud that we can call him ours.

Irene and Andy Young.

It was an amazing visit to your house and absolute wonderful experience to take the two mostly gorgeous little family members back to our home.

The babies have been settled well in the past two weeks. Since, they are brother and sister from one litter. We have named them as Mr Darcy and Georgiana.

They are, no doubt, being the sweetest companions to the family! Mr Darcy is quite playful but also well behaved. It is definitely an eye opener to witness his impressive jumping skills. Mr Darcy showed great patience with my 8 year old boy. Georgiana is the sweetest little lady ever. She is curious for all new toys and really clever to play puzzles. Georgiana likes following my boy around so that he now claimed he wouldn’t go back to school because he doesn’t want to leave them. They got along so well and played all the time and brought a lot laughter to the house. We are so happy and lucky to have them.

The babies are active and healthy so far. They are so well trained with litter box and they don’t follow us upstairs unless being invited. What a manner! Although, I do encourage them to be more relaxed and make themselves home. 😝

Thank you so much for the recommendation for cat care equipment, the raw food brand (oh, they love the raw food), scratching stands and everything. The babies wouldn’t settle so quickly without these which they already are familiar to live with.

Also, I am so grateful for your quick response and help on my queries about caring the babies.

Here are some pics of Mr Darcy and Georgie.

Best regards

Rachel Zhu


Karen & Arthur.

Just want to say a huge thank you.
Daphne and Dobby are so Happy and content that they have each other! They make our home whole, wouldn’t be the same with out them. They make us laugh, keep us on our toes! We don’t even need an alarm clock. They are our alarm clock.

We love them to bits best thing we ever did was to meet you Karen and to have our bungles of joy.

I’d highly recommend Bundara Bengals!! Karen is amazing! Always at the end of the phone for help advise and she works so hard to care and love all the cats & Kittens. Daphne & Dobby are amazing because of Karen.

Thank you

Lisa Quinn

Hi Karen,

We are settling in nicely. We've played for hours, eaten and found the litter box. Just settling down for a nap so we are nice and awake for play time later. Lots of love Milo & Lily

Hi Karen and Arthur

Just letting you know that the little man is well settled, confidently exploring, eating well and sleeping well. He's absolutely gorgeous and a credit to you both. Thank you so much.

Hi Karen,

Just to let you know little Winston seems to be settling in really well; he was busy playing within 10 minutes and giving us cuddles shortly after. Using the little tray and eating a little (although I think it's all just a bit too exciting to stop to eat much at the moment). We'll keep you updated and will leave a review for you as well, thank you for your help and raising such a confident little kitten.

Steph and JP

Hello Karen,

Here is Bundara Cruse aka Dobby, fast asleep in his new home. He has settled down really well. Loves the cat wheel and getting to know Bundara Nikita aka Luna. I am looking forward to showing him too. Thank you Bundara Bengals for two beautiful cats ! So Happy with them and thank you so much for everything.

Thank you from Lisa X X

Pixie is now settled down for a wee cat nap after a whirlwind of activity! Exhausted watching her! She has run about exploring every nook and cranny of the flat. Just love her to bits!


Just thought i would let you know i am settling in just fine. I love my new home, theres so many toys and things for me to do, i love running round with the cat teaser you give me in my mouth. I sleep on the bed with my humans even though they tell me i should sleep in my own bed but i sneak in when they sleep, they don't mind really. Heres some photos of me and i will send some as i grow, thanks for allowing my humans to adopt me there really nice.



Hi Karen

Just a quick email to let you know that XiaoBao has settled in great. The first two days were all about exploring and he was a little nervous (and so were we) about all the areas he was investigating.

He hardly ate on the first day and had one little accident; but that was just nerves and he has been great at using his litter box since.

Yesterday and today, he is a changed kitten, happily watching what is going on, not running to his litter box if we move around and he has been eating his food without being shown where it is.

The cat toys have been replaced by him after he chose to play with a cardboard box, a washing basket and a rolled up post it note.

His personality is excellent and that has to have come from the hard work you put in during the first three months and we cannot thank you enough.

As he grows up, I will send you some more pictures

All the best to You and Arthur,

kind regards

Andy & Liang

Hi Karen

Just to let you know that Bilbo is settling in to his new home, he’s very friendly and has bonded well with me. He didn’t eat on his first night, but is eating well and using the litter tray now. He’s been registered with my vet, she was impressed by the care sheet you provided and with his condition & personality. He has met my cat Otis, as you can see from the attached photo, a bit of grumpy behaviour from Otis but no aggression, I think they’ll get along well.

Will keep you informed and thanks for a great kitten


Hi Karen,

Asha and Tyrion have settled in very well, it’s like they have always be here.

They are both so loving and are keeping us very busy and amused.

We are so pleased with their behaviour and that’s down to you, Arthur and Zakira.

Thank you so much for two beautiful kittens, we will be in touch with further updates.

Donna and Doug

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help, really appreciate everything you do and all the work that you put in. She is an absolute credit to you and is stunning. She has been asleep under the bed since she got home but is starting to come out and play now! Can't wait to have lots of fun with her.

Thank you so much!! Speak soon.


Hi Karen,

Just a quick note to let you know Maximus is settling in well. He has been exploring the house and has been showing us all how he likes to play and jump about. Thank you for giving us the information pack and goodie bag, it was lovely to see all the thought and attention put in. He is an absolute credit to you and we are sure he'll be very happy here in his new home.

Dear Karen,

Katie is keeping me very busy, partly because she loves to play, but mainly because everyone wants to visit her. She is entirely at home, and apart from newspapers and magazines she doesn't do any damage. Her mother trained her very well, as she hasn't made a single mistake.

As she grows, I will send more pictures.

Thank you for my lovely kitten.


Hi Karen

Just a note to thank you for your welcome yesterday, and for introducing us to your beautiful cats.

Shiya was very vocal most of the way home, I had to do quite a bit of ssshhhing!

But since arriving home she has been a delight, inquisitive, affectionate and the best acrobat we've ever seen.

Will be in touch again soon

All the best to you

Karen & Mick

Hi to all at Bundara Bengals,

Just to let you know that Lexi has settled in and has been a total delight.
She is always happy, and a credit to all the hard work you have put in.

Thank you again.
Mark, Sarah and Charley

Hi hope you are both well, Kamal is doing great, he is a very loving and affectionate little boy, he really is an angel, we are all totally besotted with him. Thank you very much.
Sonia and all the family.

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