Bengal Studs

Bundara Bengals are please to introduce our beautiful new stud boy to our breeding program. He has a pelt like coat that is so full of glitter and so soft and silky to the touch and a temperament to match.

We cannot thank our good friend Jayne at Goldenglitz Bengals enough for allowing this stunning boy to join the Bundara family

Goldnglitz BundaraSweetrevenge

Sire: Goldnglitz Warrior of the Sun

Dam: Goldnglitz Mystic Molly

PK def n/n and Pra n/n

Goldnglitz Ice Printz

Sire: sunstorm Tuilgi of Kiabhindi

Dam: kiabindhi steel Magniloquent

PK def n/n and Pra n/n

Dreamstone Tornado of Bundara Bengals

Sire Brockenmoor Dax

Dam Bengalbest Jade of Dreamstone

PK def n/n and PRA n/n

Bundara Bengals are pleased to introduce our new stud boy Jack to our breeding program. Jack is an amazing big boy with a wonderful temperament.

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