We like to show our wonderful Bengal Cats and we are very proud of their achievements. Along with other news from the cattery you will find all their latest show results on this page.

We will also include planned matings, new arrivals and updates from kittens that leave our home.

Merseyside Cat Club 2018

Congratulations to Bundara Asha who won BOB and that’s not all she got her 3rd Olympian Certificate today well done Asha.

Owned and shown in excellent condition by Donna and Doug

Supreme Cat Show 2017

Bundara Asha won Best of Breed and a UK Grand at the Supreme.

Lakeland cat club 2015

We attended the Lakeland and district show with Ch Zawadi Bundara Kamui and Zawadi Bundara-Pixi. We met up with our good friend George who was showing Bundara Bilbo Baggins and we all had a successful day. This was Pixi our lovely future breeding queen here at Bundara Bengals first and last show as a kitten and not only did she get awarded 1ST in her breed class and best of breed, also well placed in all her side classes she was also awarded BEST OF VARIETY FOREIGN KITTEN amongst a large entry of foreign kittens.

Ch Zawadi Bundara Kamui got awarded 1st in his breed class and best of breed, and was also well placed in hi side classes.

Congratulations to George with Bilbo Baggins who is a stunning Marble boy and was attending in his first adult show, again Bilbo was awarded 1st in his breed class and best of breed, and was awarded his first PC. Congratulations to Bilbo Baggins and to George for showing Bilbo in perfect condition.


Zawadi Bundara-Pixi

Best of variety foreign kitten                                                            Zawadi Bundara-Pixi

Bengal Brown spotted kitten 1st                                                        Zawadi Bundara-Pixi

Bengal Brown spotted kitten best of breed                                       Zawadi Bundara-Pixi


CH Zawadi Bundara-Kamui

Snow spotted adult male Bengal 1st                                                       Zawadi Bundara Kamui

Snow spotted Bengal  Best of Breed                                                     Zawadi Bundara Kamui

Any colour Foreign not bred by exhibitor                                              Zawadi Bundara Kamui

Any colour foreign 80 miles or less from show hall 2nd                        Zawadi Bundara Kamui

Merseyside cat club 2015

Today we attended the Merseyside Cat Club Show. This year it was being held in a new show hall at St Helens due to the rebuilding of the usual Epic leisure centre at Ellesmere Port. All the Bundara cats in attendance had a great day and especially congratulations to Bundara Nikita aka as Luna on achieving her final certificate and becoming a Grand Premier  owned and shown in excellent condition by Lisa.

Also in attendance was our own Stud boy Ch Zawadi Bundara Kamui


CH Zawadi Bundara Kamui 1st breed class and BOB

And also being awarded his first grand certificate.

Kimi also was placed first in all his side classes giving him a Red card day

Preston & Blackpool cat club 2015

After a short journey up the M6 we arrived at the show. Although a great venue, the walk from the car park to the show hall in torrential rain made for a real wet start. Once inside we met with our friends, Lisa and George who today were also showing Bundara cats. This was Georges first show with Bundara Bilbo-Baggins who was being shown in the kitten class, Lisa was showing PR Bundara Nikita, Ourselves were showing our new stud boy Gr Ch. Tyshanra Jubilee-Leo and our other stud boy Ch Zawadi Bundara-Kamui, what a great show we all had.

Brown Spotted Bengal adult male          Gr Ch Tyshanra Jubilee-Leo          1st & BOB

Snow Spotted adult male          Ch Zawadi Bundara-Kamui          1st & BOB & CC

Brown Spotted adult female          Pr Bundara Nikita          1st & GPC

Brown Marble male kitten          Bundara Bilbo Baggins          1st & BOB

All the above also were well placed in all their respective side classes. Well done to Lisa & George for their results today and showing there cats well.

Coventry & Leicester Cat Club Show 2015 & Hertfordshire & Middlesex Cat Club show 2015

What A great day was had by Bundara Bengals at this back to back show, only having one of our boys in attendance today, our beautiful Blue eyed snow spotted stud boy Zawadi Bundara-Kamui, after meeting with our friends Connie and Stuart, and after a great home cooked breakfast it was time to leave for a while whist the judging continued. After a couple of hours in lovely Leamington Spa it was time to return to find out find how well Kimmi as he is known had done, and how very very well he had done, Kimmi achieving the title of champion in three straight shows and is still only 10 months old . Well done Kimmi . Please see the results below.

Coventry & Leicester cat club

Snow spotted Bengal  adult.

1st & BOB Zawadi Bundara Kamui

AV Foreign Non breeders adult male.

1st Zawadi Bundara Kamui

Av Foreign non-tiltled Adult

1st Zawadi Bundara Kamui


Hertfordshire & Middlesex show 2015

Snow spotted Bengal adult

1st & BOB Zawadi Bundara Kamui

AV Foreign Junior neuter

1st Zawadi Bundara Kamui

AV Foreign visitors neuter

Sorry but he had to settle for second in this class

Thank you to all the judges and to all that helped in making the show run smoothly today.

Gwynedd and Shropshire Show 2015

Our new stud boy Zawadi Bundara Kamui was attending this as is first adult show. He was awarded 1st and best of breed in his breed class in both the Gwynedd and Shropshire shows also receiving 2 challenge certificates.

Also being shown today was our home bred neuter boy, Bundara Abu, also attending his first adult show. He was awarded 1st and best of breed in the Gwynedd show and 1st in breed class in the Shropshire show, and was awarded 2 challenge certificates.

Congratulations to PR Bundara Nikita (AKA Luna) owned by Lisa who also came 1st in her breed class in both shows and was also awarded 2 PC certificates and was well placed in both shows in her side classes.

Cheshire Area Cat Club Show 2014

What a good day Bundara Bengals had at the show , with GR Premier Zawadi Quba receiving his final Challenge certificate and best of breed, and is now IMP GR PR Zawadi Quba. All at Bundara Bengals would like to thank judge Mr Steven Crow for this award and judge Mr Parkin for the best of breed award. Also attending the show was our own bred boy Kitten, Bundara Abu who had a Red card day winning, not only his breed class and best of breed but being placed first in all his side classes which were all very well attended.

Imp Gr Prem Zawadi Quba


Bengal Brown Spotted Neuter Male Best of Breed GR PR Zawadi Quba

IMP GR PR Zawadi Quba was also placed well in all his side classes.

Bundara Abu

Bengal Brown Spotted kitten 1st and best of breed Bundara Abu

AV Foreign Kitten Male 1st Bundara Abu

AV Foreign Breeders Kitten 1ST Bundara Abu

AV Foreign Visitors Kitten 1st Bundara Abu


After an early start through the mist and icy conditions we arrived at the NEC in Birmingham for the 2013 Supreme cat show organised and run by the GCCF. After a short while queuing we were swiftly vetted in and met by our friends Connie and Stuart Henderson from Zawadi Bengals. We found the pen and with the help of Stuart, Karen decorated it and settled Zawadi Quba in. Judging started in our section quite early and the steward arrived to take Quba to the judging ring. After what seemed an eternity the judging was over and the awarding of the place rosettes started, after much tension and nerves being on the edge GR PR Zawadi Quba was placed 1st in his class gaining his 3rd imperial certificate. Next two more entry's were brought to the ring for the judging of best of breed, again after much anticipation GR PR Zawadi Quba was also awarded best of breed, qualifying him to be judged for best of variety, Zawadi Quba was in Mrs Marriot Powers last five and was the highest placed Bengal neuter in the show. Special thank you To the judges involved in judging GR PR Zawadi Quba today.

Mrs Chapman-Beer.
Mrs H Marriot-Power